SMACK GRC was created by a team of audit, risk and compliance professionals after noticing a need in the market for a flexible, easy to use solution to fulfill GRC requirements. Having been in the industry for many years and never having found a GRC application that was satisfying, the SMACK GRC team set off to create their own system that could be used for their own organizations and also to share with the Risk, Compliance and Audit community. Offering a product with the highest quality and wide reaching functionality and at a price point for organizations of all sizes is the primary objective of the SMACK GRC team.


For information about Quick Base Security, Privacy, Compliance, and SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA and CSA reporting please refer here.


Quick Base's Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ is available for download from the CSA Star Registry

Quick Base

Quick Base is a tool that empowers business users to quickly create their own custom software to improve daily operations and get things done faster.

Quick Base Core Capabilities:

  • Creation and management of forms
  • Data integration & collection
  • Data aggregation & reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • Touch-friendly mobile-optimized apps
  • Granular access
  • permissions by role

Business users can build and update apps fast in response to shifting business needs.

Improve operational efficiency & accelerate business growth.

Make app creation and updating fast & affordable.

Thousands of businesses are using Quick Base.

Half of the Fortune 100 companies use Quick Base.

What is Quick Base

How Quick Base works


Training can be provided remotely via web conference and screen share or in-person at your location. Training is also offered at Park City, Utah, USA or at your preferred location.

You will also have access to all Quick Base related resources including Quick Base University, a strong community of Quick Base power users, Quick Base webinars, videos and other events.


Affordable, transparent pricing is important to us. Pricing is based on the number "Power Users" which includes individuals in Audit, Compliance and/or Risk Management positions; people that will be in the application as part of their day to day responsibilities. There is no additional charge for users which are seldom using the application such as control owners or risk owners.

Annual pricing tiers:

Up to 5 power users: USD25,000

Up to 20 power users: USD50,000

Up to 50 power users: USD100,000

Quick Base user account minimums do not apply when purchasing SMACK GRC. Start with just 5 users or 100+.

All plans include unlimited case-based support, plus access to the Quick Base community forum and online support documentation


All plans include unlimited case-based support, plus access to the Quick Base community and online support documentation Additional support for SMACK GRC is also provided on an as needed basis via the SMACK GRC app.

Purchase of initial product training is required (one-time only).

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Email: info@smackgrc.com

Phone: 855-249-5655

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